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It’s All In The Decor :: Just For Fun

When I step into a house that is shabby chic or has some sort of vintage style to it… I am intrigued.  I wonder who the designer was and how I can be more like them.  I go over in my mind what my room looks like and if I like the style enough to redesign my room for the 3rd time this year.  Most of the time I sit there wondering if Homegoods will do the trick?

It’s my thing… what can I say?  Photography and Decor.  That’s me in a nutshell.  A big ball of crazy-lady-antique-shopaholic-can’t-wait-to-own-my-own-house-so-I-can-make-it-pretty nutshell.

During my stay at the Conrad Hilton in Chicago I was consumed with all the little details that the hotel incorporated.  Enjoy!

New City, New Sights :: Chicago

Have you ever been on a flight to a new city and watched for the last 30 minutes after the captain gave the “we are now making our initial decent” staring out the window hoping that the the city view is on your window side?  I do this every time I travel… and this weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago for the first time!

The last words I heard were, “flight attendants, please be seated for landing” and before I knew it, there it was… the Chicago skyline… for the first time.  I’m a nerd and get all giddy about things like this.  The fact that I’m sitting in a huge metal tube and able to fly above the clouds to catch one of the best views of Chicago that I’ve ever seen.  Well, ok… the only view of Chicago that I’ve ever seen… but still, it was a great view.  All I could think was, “Now where are Bill and Julianna?”.  Just kidding… kind of.

Some of my favorites from the weekend…

If you’re sitting here wondering if it’s as comfortable as it looks… it was.

Hello friends.

My love that I hardly ever attempt to step inside of because of the masses of people that I encounter every time… keep rockin’ Apple.

Brooks Brothers… this store just makes me want to be married.  I dream of having a wallet big enough to buy my husband whatever he wants from here!

Mexico :: This Isn’t Real Life

I remember when I was just thirteen years old and Long Beach Island, NJ became my first love.  Literally, I would cry when we left the island.  Driving over that bridge was like leaving a part of me behind… and I knew it was a part of me I wouldn’t get back for another year.  Since then the beach has become one of my favorite places on earth.  I could sit on the sand at anytime of day listening to my iPod play K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life and I am right back where I was ten years ago… young, fearless, and alive.  That song just takes me back… and I know full well I am a nerd because of that.  No worries.

This past weekend my job took me to Mexico for a site visit at one of the hotels in Cancun… the Live Aqua Hotel.  The experience was one for the books, that’s for sure.  We got the royal treatment and I swear I had to stop and remind myself at least once a day… “This isn’t real life Amanda… but we can pretend”. Every time I get the chance to spend some time at the beach, I try to stop and take it in for a moment each morning.  This beach however, was one I will never forget.  It was breathtaking.

Song of the week?  Rihanna’s, Rude Boy:)


Alejandra Hernandez - May 27, 2010 - 7:11 pm

Beautiful pictures!!! It was wonderful to meet you during your visit to Cancun. You have a new Mexican friend!! We look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Joey Didonato - May 27, 2010 - 3:06 pm

Ro and I loved the pics, your an amazing photographer. It brought us back to a great weekend in a most beautiful place with really great people. Thanks

Kimberly - May 19, 2010 - 2:06 pm

WOW. I love every single one of these. They are fabulous. Seriously looks like heaven. Darn you for making me want to go on vacation now!

Infant :: Baby Jude

A few more shots from the shoot with baby Jude… Enjoy!

Oh, hello munchkin.

Baby Jude… loooooooves his Mamma.

At the end of our shoot… this little one came along wondering who I was and what I was up to!  Check out the eyes…  they are literally that blue.

Baby Jude :: (Sneak)

I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend this past weekend and meeting her baby for the first time!  Jude… is by far one of the CUTEST lil’ ones I have ever shot before.  I’m pretty sure he was scared of me and the huge camera that I had in his face… but I just couldn’t resist!  Squeeze his little cheeks!

Here is a little sneak from the shoot!

Caitlin Scott - May 10, 2010 - 1:33 pm

Amanda – he’s so precious, what a great picture!

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