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A Wyckoff Gardens Engagement :: Chrissy + Taylor

It all started at wrestling practice.  Yes, wrestling practice.  Taylor wrestled in high school with Chrissy’s twin brother, Marcus.   During one of their practices, Marcus let on to the fact that it may just be in Taylor’s best interest to ask his sister on a date.  Wrestling practice then led to a family vacation that Taylor was invited on.  Taylor and Chrissy came home from that same family vacation a couple.

I had such an amazing time with them on Saturday.  These two make  it so easy for me to document their love.  We shot at the Wyckoff Gardens in New Jersey and the lighting could not have been more perfect!  I’ll admit… I’m a cheese ball, but I have to say… it actually made the experience that much more intimate.

A July 2011 wedding is planned for these high school sweethearts… enjoy!

Hello shed… I heart you.

Chrissy & Taylor :: Sneak

This weekend was full of gorgeous weather and lots of time spent outside.  I had the pleasure of doing a few couples shoots that turned out amazing!  Here is a sneak of Chrissy & Taylor’s shoot… more to come!

A Best Friend :: A Bridal Shower

This weekend was a big weekend!  We celebrated my friend Jaclyn’s Bridal Shower AND Bachelorette Party on Saturday… in one day… WHEW!  Jaclyn has been one of my best friends for over 10 years now, so making this day special for her was just as special to me.  Seeing her light up all day, with her friends and family surrounding her… I could not have been more happy for Jaclyn and her soon-to-be hubby Tim.

I remember the first night I met Tim… I pulled him aside mid night to chat.  You know… that, you’re dating my best friend and I’m trying to intimidate you kinda chat.  That, if you hurt her I’ll have your head kinda chat.  The, surprisingly… this guy may just be a good guy kinda chat.  That, chat that ends with “I don’t want to scare you… but you’re going to marry my best friend” kinda chat… you know, the usual.  I mean, who doesn’t tell their best friends new boyfriend that he’s going to marry her two months into their relationship?

That’s actually a true story… but c’mon… give me some props here… I called it!:)

nadya - August 24, 2010 - 2:02 pm

How cute! looks like she had a great time! the details are so great, you guys did a great job. You captured it beautifully! I am pretty sure my best friend had that same talk with my now husband lol about hurting him if he does anything wrong @_@ hehehe!

amanda joy photography :: remade

When I first realized that photography was such a passion of mine, I couldn’t wait to get behind my new Canon T1i and test it out for all the couples in the world!  Little did I know, that with photography… comes patience.

This year has been a growing year for amanda joy photography.  It’s been a year of learning new things about myself.. a year of not really knowing what the next day will bring… and a year of taking life by the reigns and saying, “Hello life, why don’t you just follow me”.

Less than a year later, I sit here with my new Canon 5D Mark II and I am amazed… amazed at the fact that I could be so giddy over camera equipment… CAMERA equipment.  Someone stop me, seriously.  When I’m fortunate enough to buy a new lens, I go home and just gush… I swoon, there you have it, I swoon.  It’s in those moments that I genuinely consider waiting on the street corner until a couple agrees to let me take photos of them so I can test out my new baby.

This post today is solely to introduce my new logo that I am SO excited about!  I wanted something chic and simple.  Do you realize how hard it is to put together a vision for a logo that you’ve never seen before!?  Woof.

A dear friend, and might I say fabulous graphic designer put together this logo for me.  You can check out Aliya’s latest work HERE.

Hello friend… welcome.

Bonnie & Dennis :: Hampton Roads Wedding

Hello world.  I wanted to take a minute to post some photos from Bonnie & Dennis’ Wedding back in June.  As I said before in my sneak, I had the opportunity to shoot alongside the fabulous Dana Duncan down in Hampton Roads, VA.  I always appreciate SO much when other photographers share advice and just little pointers on what made them a better photographer.  It’s by far the best way for anyone to learn and grow more in this industry and so this post goes out to you… Miss Dana… you da best!  Thank you.

Cait - August 20, 2010 - 5:02 pm

Amanda these are gorgeous as usual – love the one of the couple on the dock :)

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