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Albums Samples :: Upgrades

Albums Samples :: Upgrades

To all my future 2012 brides out there… this one’s for you.  I received in the mail today my first upgraded sample album and I could barely stop myself from jumping up and down (continuously) when I opened the box!  My standard albums included in my wedding packages are 10×10 Flush Mount Albums, and they’re fabulous.  Elegant, heavy duty albums to remember your wedding day by… perfection.  I wanted something to present to clients during our meetings that was a little different, to show them a bunch of different options for their albums… upgrades that included a larger 12×12 album, ten more printed sides, a slipcase to keep the album nice for years to come, and a photo plate cover (love!).  I am thrilled with Leather Craftsman and their attention to detail, so I couldn’t wait to play around with templates, fabric swatches, and cover materials and really make something unique… something that just oozes amanda joy Photography.  Here’s what I came up with…


Upgraded leather and slip case

Photo plated cover… this is a very heavy duty plated photo front that allows for a picture across the entire front of the album.. love!

You can actually see how thick the plate is below…


Jaclyn & Tim :: Anytime

Jaclyn & Tim :: Anytime

I love Anytime shoots… when that day comes for me and I finally get hitched… my husband will live and breath Anytime Shoots.  I firmly believe in having photos done with your Hubby once a year, so when Jaclyn reach out to me to do an casual Anytime shoot, I was thrilled!  Jaclyn & Tim’s one year anniversary just passed and we thought, what better idea then to capture a few simple photos of them to celebrate!  Some may say, that’s silly… but I think it’s so important to capture some nice photos with you and your husband because before you know it…. little ones are running around and all of the sudden, your time is.. well, not your time anymore!  It’s so nice to have some new photos to frame after the wedding!

We shot for about an hour, and Jaclyn and Tim make it SO easy for me.  Can you say photogenic?  My goodness!  Here’s a few photos for you to enjoy…


Miss Evie :: Merry Christmas

Miss Evie :: Merry Christmas

There are not even words to describe how big of a HAM this little one is.  Evie is one of the sweetest little girls I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing… true story.  She just loves loves loves her Mamma and Dadda and I am so happy to share some of my favorites from our Holiday shoot.  Enjoy!


I just had to start with this photo… I still cannot get over it!

Ham #1

Ham #2


Ham #3

Sarah, I love this shot of you!  Sarah & Stephen are so excited to announce whether they’re having a boy or girl.. and Evie is so excited to meet her brother or sister too!

The Gift of Giving :: 2011 Wedding Giveaway

The Gift of Giving :: 2011 Wedding Giveaway

It’s that time of year again!  The season of giving… and I thought to myself, what better way to give back then to maybe, just maybe.. GIVE AWAY MY PHOTOGRAPHY FOR A WEDDING! And not just any wedding, but a wedding for couples that serve in the Military!

All you need to do to enter is email me at with a photo of the two of you, a little bit about your story and what time of year you’re thinking of having your wedding!  Then comes the fun part… once I’ve compiled all the entries, viewers will be allowed to vote on which couple they believe should receive the free wedding!

I could barely wait to tell everyone!  So here are the rules…

1.  Must “Like” amanda joy Photography Facebook Page (Voting will be submitted through Facebook Fan Page as well)

2.  Must live within 100 miles of Atlanta, GA

3.  Fiance must be in the Military

That’s all!!

Spread the word to all your family & friends… The winning couple will be chosen November 18!

Custom Flush Mount Albums :: Leather Craftsmen

Custom Flush Mount Albums :: Leather Craftsmen

To all my potential Brides out there…. I’m so excited to announce that I’ve just added of of these beauties to some of my wedding packages!!  Leather Craftsmen is hands down the best I’ve seen in the industry.  With the black leather look and heavy duty flush mount pages, their albums just seem so… perfect.

I cannot get enough of their all-around classic look.  I design most of my books with this simple yet elegant design in mind.  Nothing that will look funny two years after your wedding still sitting on your coffee table.  Simple, and understated, and yet everything about the couple and one of the most perfect days of their lives poured into one book…  One perfect little black book.

If you’re wondering if there are ways to spruce up your album… of course there are!  We can add extra pages or go as fancy as you’d like with binding, cover photos, etc… just ask me : )


A BIG shout out to Lisa & Andrew… love love loved their album and well…  just about everything about their wedding day!