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Month: January 2011

Heather & Tommy :: Anytime

Heather & Tommy :: Anytime

I’ve never done a session in the snow.  Never.  That word scares me, if I’m being honest.  But challenges me just the same… Heather reached out to me about doing any Anytime shoot with her Hubs, Tommy a while back but told me that it would take some convincing on her part to get Tommy to agree to it first!

Just a few days went by before she told me we were on!  Then it hit me… I have large amounts of white fluffy/mucky snow that decided to settle itself here in NJ and, well… I panicked.

WHERE am I going to do this shoot?!

After weeks of thought and trying to figure out a time when our schedules matched up, we’d landed on a date.  We’d landed on a date, but I still hadn’t landed on a location.  Again, panic.

It was a step for me as a photographer in the sense where I needed to stop relying on backgrounds and pretty locations to get a great shot, and trust myself that I can bring out the best photos with a couple while shooting in the middle of no where.

I was so excited to finally dive into the day and had such an amazing time with Heather and Tommy.  Heather and Tommy just “get” each other.  They’re each others other half.  I feel like within every session, I take away something about the couple.  It may take a few shots before you see it… but then when you do… you understand why they’re together.  Like seeing chemistry unfold right in front of my camera.

And then I smile… because in that moment, I know this is why I love what I do.

Can we just talk about how much I luuuurve her red coat?!  Ok, thanks.

Heather, you are gorg.