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Month: March 2011

Amy & Anibal :: Northern New Jersey Engagement

Amy & Anibal :: Northern New Jersey Engagement

I love all my clients, I really do.  And I don’t say that to sound cheesy or just to say it.  I have the best clients.

Then there are those clients that you sit down with for the first time and you just hit it off.  Like you were meant to capture their day and you walk away hoping that they feel the same way.  So, when Amy and Anibal reached out to me to let me know that they wanted me to shoot their wedding, I couldn’t have been more excited!

I spent the morning with Amy and Anibal at an old farmhouse here in northern New Jersey and can you say…. hello, insert photographers dream location, the grounds couldn’t have been more perfect.  Amy and Anibal’s chemistry is exciting… it’s contagious.  They light up a room by just entering.  And Anibal lights up each time he just looks Amy’s way.

But seriously… I found myself asking Anibal to look my way a few times 🙂

And isn’t that just what every girl dreams of?  Something more than just butterflies… something indescribably perfect.