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Month: May 2011

Linsey & John :: Liberty State Park Engagement

Linsey & John :: Liberty State Park Engagement

This Memorial Day weekend was filled with photoshoots!  One being Linsey & John’s!  We shot their Engaged & In Love session down at Liberty State Park and I fell in love.  This was my first shoot there and I have no doubt in my mind that I’ll be back again.  The location offered so many unique spots, so we started down by the ferry and worked our way back towards the nature area.

Linsey & John were such a fun couple to shoot!  I always love getting to know my couples on a more intimate basis and the engagement shoot is definitely where I learn the most about what makes a them tick.   Linsey’s smile in contagious and you can see it every time Linsey looks John’s way.  I am so looking forward to their June 2012 wedding in Baltimore!


Hello NYC… you can see the new Freedom Tower going up!

Cue the wind blown hair… thank you!

LOVE this one!

Obsessed… wind, light, love.

I loved Linsey’s shoes!  Had to get a shot of them!




Amy & Anibal’s Tides Estate Wedding :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Amy & Anibal’s Tides Estate Wedding :: New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It’s been said that women possess certain characteristics that can make a man stop in his tracks and notice, quite possibly… she sparkles.  It’s in the way Anibal makes her smile. The way Amy’s eyes dance when he’s hatching a new idea. The way she laughs before he’s finished the punch-line. It’s evident Anibal and Amy make one another whole.  Plainly put… Amy, well… she’s simply amazing… and Anibal makes her amazing-er.  A couple founded on Christ, and Christ alone.

I feel so blessed to have shared in such a pure and precious moment with Amy and Anibal this past weekend.  The entire day was simply perfect.  Surrounded by their family and friends, Amy & Anibal lit the night with their love.

Amy & Anibal… thank you for being an example of the purest love their is.  I know God has so many unbelievable things in store for the two of you.

Amy looks so much like her mother when she was little!


Amy had nine bridesmaids… nine fabulous bridesmaids!

Amy… I mean, really… stunning isn’t even the word.


Anibal and his nine handsome groomsmen!

Ten minutes before Amy walked down the aisle… I adore this photo.

Who’s excited to be married?!

Perfect, perfect, perfect light.

Amy brought this umbrella for their photos… and I almost squealed with excitement!  Almost.  Ok, maybe I did.

Hello gorgeous…





This Little One :: Personal

This Little One :: Personal

This little one… is why I wake up with a smile on my face every morning.  My little pride and joy… Bella baby.  Love love loooove her, so today it’s all about her!

Happy hump day!

Tara & Dave :: A Train Station Engagement

Tara & Dave :: A Train Station Engagement

Tara and I go way back… and when I say way back, I mean Pioneer Girls way back.  When she reached out to me to shoot her wedding, I was thrilled!  There is nothing more amazing then capturing the most important day of someone’s life… and to know the bride… well, that makes it even more special for me.  We shot their engagement session up at Green Pond and then headed to a little abandoned train station.  It was perfect.  There is not another word for it!

During our session, I got the whole story of how Tara and Dave met.  The extended version… and it was apparent to me while Dave was telling the story (because Tara says he tells it best!) that when they met, it took just one look to make him look again.  It’s incredible to see a couple together during an engagement shoot and know that they just belong… right in that moment, I get caught up in it every time and I’m in awe…  Tara and Dave’s love is effortless.

Well, hello gorgeous.

Here comes my favorites!

Dave workin’ his GQ!  I love it!

One of my absolute favs…

How cute are they?!

Tara… you’re stunning!

Tara hit this pose without me even saying a word… thankyousweetjesus for fabulous clients!

What you can’t see in this photo is me dying laughing on the other side of the camera!

Another favorite!