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Month: August 2011

Lisa & Andrew :: A Quechee Inn Wedding

Lisa & Andrew :: A Quechee Inn Wedding

The first time I met Lisa and Andrew was their wedding.  If I’m being honest, I’m always a little bit more nervous going into a wedding when I haven’t had a chance to get to know the couple on a more personal level.  But I knew the moment I stepped foot into the bridal suite, this day would be perfect.  Lisa is simply amazing… with her vivacious spirit and captivating smile, I could see how easily Andrew fell for her.  They were both so content throughout the day… so ready to call each other Husband and Wife for the first time.

I have to give some serious props to Andrew for putting together the groomsmen attire.  I LOVE when the bridal party does something different with their attire… pink checked button downs, white pants, striped white and blue ties polished off with a navy Ralph Lauren suit jacket… perfection.  And even more than picking out the outfits… Andrew did a fantastic job with Lisa’s rings.  Swoon.

Lisa and Andrew… thank you for making my job so easy! I hope you’re enjoying every minute of your honeymoon!


I’m in love… officially.

Ladies… you’re stunning!  Love this one.

Love this shot of the ladies!

Lisa… you’re gorgeous.

Handsome groomsmen!

Mr & Mrs. Slotnick!

Such a fun bridal party!


You two are too easy to photograph… I mean, really.



There is nothing better than looking back through your photos and finding a few jems in all the dancing photos…

These two tie the knot soon… so cute.


Tara & Dave :: A Mayfair Farms Wedding

Tara & Dave :: A Mayfair Farms Wedding

Tara and Dave’s engagement shoot was hands down one of my favorite shoots to date.  So going into their wedding I was super excited knowing how amazing they are in front of the camera!  Tara looked absolutely stunning and it was confirmed when the double doors opened in the church and Dave took his first look at his new bride.  I don’t get choked up at many weddings, given I’m working… but this one was a little harder for me!  With the resonating sound of bagpipes in the background, Tara began her first steps down the aisle to her new life with her husband.

Tara & Dave’s wedding was at Mayfair Farms and it was nothing short of breathtaking.  The lighting was perfect and the grounds of the venue made for some awesome shots.  I should mention… you can have an amazing venue, amazing weather… but there is nothing like a couple being in the moment in front of my camera.  And that’s exactly what Tara & Dave were… living in the moment.  Because we all know how quickly that moment slips through our fingers.

Tara & Dave… thank you so much for trusting me to capture your amazing day.  Hope you’re enjoying Mexico!

Ok, so I couldn’t decide between the next few… I just LOVE them all!

Too funny…


Venue – Mayfair Farms, NJ

Church – Hawthorne Gospel Church, NJ

Flowers – Gloria’s Florist

Dress – Sophia Tolli, Bijou Bridal, NJ

Entertainment – CL Productions

Becca & Justin :: Ringwood Botanical Gardens Engagement

Becca & Justin :: Ringwood Botanical Gardens Engagement

If it wasn’t for our Moms… I mean really…  Where would we be today?  In Becca and Justin’s case, this rings even more true.  Their families were very close growing up, but it wasn’t until Justin’s mom suggested he finally ask Becca out that it all started.  Four years ago that is.  And though their first date wasn’t one that they ever would’ve planned themselves… Becca still stuck around.  Because there was something different about Justin.  Something that kept her attention like no one else had before.

I had such an amazing time photographing Becca & Justin this past weekend.  I love when I can connect with a couple and just completely enjoy the engagement shoot!  We headed up to the Ringwood Botanical Gardens and it was nothing short of perfect and I’m pretty sure we have Becca’s brother Jonathan to thank for that!  Becca & Justin have this energy about them that is contagious.  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in September 2012!!

PS – you’ll have to excuse the larger than life photos in this post… I am using my second computer and don’t have my frames this time around but I couldn’t wait a week to post these!  Enjoy!


One of the first shots of the day… how cute are they?!

Just one of my favs!

Think this one of my ab-so-lute favorite!  You guys are adorable, I just can’t get enough of it!

Becca… you are simply gorgeous.

This photo to me is so simple yet so perfect… I love love love it!

Ahhh, love me some perfect light.

Love.  Love. Love.

Justin’s tattoo… Joshua 1:5.  Couldn’t leave this one out!

I couldn’t decide which one I liked best!

And when you least expect it… Justin breaks out his moves…