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Tiffany & Chris :: A Riviera Maya Wedding

Tiffany & Chris :: A Riviera Maya Wedding

I couldn’t wait to share this wedding on the blog today!!  This was such a special wedding for me… if you keep up with the blog, you’ve seen Tiffany & Chris’ Engagement photos from a few months ago.  I met Tiffany about two years ago when I first moved to Atlanta.  After watching her and Chris’ relationship grow over the past two years, it was such an honor to capture their special day.

All of Tiffany & Chris’ closest friends met in Riviera Maya to witness these two love birds seal their vows to one another.  The day could not have been more perfect and I can almost guarantee there was not a dry eye there when Tiffany walked down the aisle to meet her husband.  It’s one of the few weddings I have actually cried behind my camera at.  That’s not an easy task! haha  Below you’ll find a few photos from that moment that nearly took Chris’ breath away… and all of ours.  Tiffany, you are stunning… absolutely stunning.  There is not another word that would do it justice.

I am beyond thrilled to share these photos from Tiffany & Chris’ wedding day, and wish them all of Gods blessings throughout their future…  we love you!

Excited Groom!

Chris’ three cards to Tiffany… yes three, with each one having it’s own meaning… he’s a keeper 🙂

Love these sweet moments that Chris can’t see throughout the day…

Ahhh, the light!

Pretty ladies!

These take my breath away… I was squealing behind my camera after I took all of these of Tiffany… amazing Mexico light!

And here they are… Chris’ first reaction as he got his first glimpse of Tiffany, and his second after she walked down the Pier… love love love.

Ok, seriously… could you two be ANY cuter!?

One of my favorites!

Another favorite… the lighting was so perfect, I love so many of these photos!

I had to post this… I thought it was so different, yet elegant!

Favorite!  Love you two!


Best First Dance of the year for me!  They did SO well!!

Singing to one another… love.

We headed back to the Pier to light lanterns at the end of the evening with a wish or prayer for Tiffany & Chris… a little dark, but so sweet!

Mary & Brian :: The Wedding

Mary & Brian :: The Wedding

Hello!  Back from Mexico and so happy to be able to share Mary and Brian’s special day this evening.  I cannot say enough great things about Mary and Brian.  They reached out to me only about three months ago, whew!  Talk about a quick turnaround!  But you would’ve never known… everything about the day was perfect and Mary was one of the most calm brides I’ve ever had the privilege to shoot.

From the moment I saw Mary that morning, she was gushing… literally.  It was the sweetest day for both of them and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Mary & Brian… thank you for inviting me into the most intimate day of your lives.  I know God has amazing things in store for you both…. enjoy some of my favorites!


Ahhh Mary, you’re stunning!



I loved this intimate moment that Brian & Mary shared as they prayed together during the communion at their ceremony… so sweet!

Love this one!

Choosing the Right Photographer :: The Wedding

Choosing the Right Photographer :: The Wedding

I don’t know if there is a definite, exact answer to this question…. what I do know, is that it’s a lot more simple than most girls think.  In the world of pinterest, blogging, and facebook… we have access to some of the best photographers right at our fingertips… ones that we would’ve never known years ago.  Now, I may be biased, but I feel that choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make throughout your wedding planning.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a photographer that fits YOU… that when you look through their website and their blog, it screams YOU.  Because the hard truth is… what you see is what you’re going to ultimately get.  And yes, there are specifics you need to know about what each photographer offers, but I’d venture to guess you can tell almost 90% of the experience you’ll have with a photographer just by tuning into their blogs for a week.

What is their style?  Photo-journalistic?  Vintage?  How often do they post?  Can you get a feel for who THEY are personally and do you think you and your fiance will mesh well?  It sounds silly, but all of these things are important!!

I’ve followed different photographers for years and have watched the trends in wedding photography throughout the last 3-5 years evolve into something amazing.  This community of wedding photographers has blown me away.  They share their lives, their style, and most importantly, they care.  When I started in the industry three years ago, I looked around at other wedding photographers blogs and dreamed of the day I would actually be able to choose one for my own wedding!  Being a wedding photographer… you have this fuzzy image in your head of what your own wedding photos will look like.  When Josh and I started looking at rings, it started becoming more real to me… sooner than later, I was going to have to find a photographer of my own.  It was decision time… who would fit Josh and myself the best and truly capture the love that we share.   Throughout my journey in my career I found myself gravitating to a certain wedding photographer… her style, her colors, the natural candid images she captured in every post, and most importantly the feeling I got after I scrolled through yet another wedding or engagement shoot.

Josh and I are thrilled to have Katelyn James as our photographer and cannot wait to look back on the photos from our engagement shoot and our wedding day and know full well that I made the best decision I could’ve in choosing her as our wedding photographer.   Katelyn, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts… these photos are more than Josh and I ever could’ve imagined and I cannot wait to look back on them the morning of our wedding day, and cherish these precious memories together.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our engagement shoot last week….

I Said Yes To Forever

I Said Yes To Forever

Where many words exist, I can only seem to find the following one:  blessed.

It’s the word that’s come to mind the past few days… Josh asked me to spend forever with him last Friday while vacationing in Florida, and I said YES!  It was hands down the most special day of our lives… I stood there on the beach… Josh down on his knee and my mind paused for a moment… there I stood surrounded by a man who is willing and ready to spend the rest of his life with me.  And my first afterthought was… thank you God.  Thank YOU.  I could not ask for a better man to spend the rest of my days with.

Here’s to months of wedding everythinggggg 🙂  It’s my turn!

And because no post is finished without a few pics… here are a few from the night of our engagement!

Elizabeth & Alex :: Engaged & In Love

Elizabeth & Alex :: Engaged & In Love

Sunrise Engagement?  Why not!  It was a the most crystal clear morning… the calm after a big storm in New Jersey and one of the first crisp mornings.  The light was absolutely stunning… I was so excited the whole ride up Ringwood mountain with how perfect the morning was… and boy, did the lighting not disappoint!

Elizabeth reached out to me a few months back ecstatic about her engagement and looking to see what my availability was for September of 2013… the one single date at the time that I didn’t have available… was of course, their wedding date!  I was so bummed after spending the morning with Elizabeth and Alex… they are an awesome couple and I had such a great time with them throughout the shoot!  They are both such naturals in front of the camera, so it made my job that morning so easy!  I’m so thrilled I was at least able to capture some engagement photos for these two and cannot wait to see all the photos from their big day a year from now!

Enjoy some of my favorites…