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What Have You Set Out To Do :: theFix

There is nothing more exciting then connecting with a group of local photographers in your area all under the same roof.  I attended theFix Atlanta on Monday night and out of all the things that I learned, I believe the one thing that has stuck in my mind is the question:  What Have You Set Out To Do?  Jasmine asked us that midway through the night, and it hit me… what have I specifically set out to do?  In my photography career, just this year, etc.  Where are my goals?  Insert theFix… and the amazing photographers that I met that night.  There are so many things running through my head that I’d like to impliment this year, but first and foremost, I am so excited to invest in relationships with other photographers in the area.

Fabulous takeaways from theFix:

*Change is good.

*Influential artists thrive on each other.

*Find ways to work through our struggles that make sense.

*Surround ourselves with people you will help, and who will help us.

*Know what you want.

*Make friends.

*Professional is what you make of it.

*Break the mold by being you.

*What are you going to do tomorrow?

1 Cor 10:31

The Foundry at Puritan Mill

Jasmine signed all the EXPOSED magazines!

J* reading an excerpt from her EXPOSED magazine… and being fabulous in her J*Crew lime green pants!

Theary Meak - March 9, 2012 - 1:47 am

HI Amanda,

I love your work, there are all captured so beautifully. It was a pleasure sitting next to you at theFIX. Hope to collaborate sometimes with you. Take care & God bless!


Allison - March 8, 2012 - 3:10 pm

Ahh I’m so happy that you got to go to this! This summer I want to come down to Atl and when I do we need to meet up!!!

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