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Month: June 2012

Tiffany & Chris :: Engaged & In Love

Tiffany & Chris :: Engaged & In Love

This is a special post today for me…  Tiffany and Chris are such dear friends of mine that I was almost nervous to shoot their engagement last weekend.  I get in my “photog mode” and most of my close friends here in Atlanta haven’t seen that side of me yet!

When Tiffany reached out to me to shoot her wedding, I was so excited… you see, being completely open and honest here blog friends… since I moved to Atlanta, the business down here let’s just say hasn’t quite picked up yet.  I still spend a lot of my time shooting in New Jersey, so it’s so refreshing to invest some time here in Atlanta with clients!

There is something special about Tiffany… perhaps it’s her Miami U flair, her radiant smile, or her devotion to Christ that made Chris fall for her.  Chris is one of the nicest guys I’ve met with a greatest heart.  His love and devotion for Tiffany is evident in the way he listens her to every word.  It’s the cutest thing to witness first hand.

Tiffany looked so happy and content throughout our engagement shoot that I couldn’t dream of more for such a wonderful friend.  I truly feel in shooting their engagement and seeing them together in that setting, I’ve realized even more how perfect Tiffany and Chris are for one another… their relationship is founded on God, and God alone and I couldn’t be more excited to share their wedding day with them!


How cute are these two?!  I couldn’t decide which I liked more…

The lighting at Piedmont Park could not have been more perfect… I love how this shot just illuminates Tiffany!

I thought I’d end the post with a fun one!

Linsey & John :: Game Day

Linsey & John :: Game Day

Linsey & John’s Wedding will go down as one of the most entertaining weddings I’ve photographed to date.  I met Linsey & John a little over a year ago and I could tell from our first meeting that right on the surface of their relationship, was their love for none of then the Penn State.  We shot their engagement shoot at Liberty State Park, if you remember… and I knew the day their wedding came that I’d be so excited to be a part of their day.  They’re just such a fun, outgoing couple that enjoys nothing more than having their family and friends around them… and well, a good cold beer too.

When I arrived at Linsey’s house the morning of the wedding, all the girls were getting ready singing spouts of “Call Me Maybe” and “live tweeting” with their guests #shecontewedding.  Some of the tweets were so creative… relating almost everything to the craziness that was about to go down at the reception and, of course… Penn State.  I just HAD to post some of my favorites from the day…

Game day, #shecontewedding

@shecontewedding: PSU wedding today! We are… getting married!

On the way to the church. #rollbride #shecontewedding

The church is clearing out. Time to tailgate at the reception! #shecontewedding

Warming up my dance moves for #shecontewedding to ‘King of Wishful Thinking’. It just got real, ya’ll. @shecontewedding

@shecontewedding I thought I had box seats to this. #wheresthebeer?


What did I tell you??  Such a fun group and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite photos from the day… enjoy!

I absolutely love love loved Linsey’s Kate Spade jewelry… probably my all time fav

This honestly took my breath away when I saw it full screen… I just couldn’t decide between these two!  Linsey, you’re stunning!

Such a fun bridal party!


Aaaannnnd this is where it began…. the request for, you know… just maybe, call me maybe?

Linsey you’re probably going to kill me for this but I just HAD to… this completely encompasses the entire days “Call Me Maybe”

Emma & Joe :: The Wedding

Emma & Joe :: The Wedding

Whew… wedding season is in full swing!  Emma and Joe’s wedding was last weekend it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.  You know how they say rain is good luck on your wedding day… well, Emma and Joe had a short sprinkle of rain during their ceremony while they shared the vows that they wrote for one another.  It was just another reminder of how special the whole day was.  Emma and Joe have the greatest friends in the world.  The reception was filled with lots of laughs and dancing and it ended with a perfect crystal clear night.

Emma and Joe, it was such a pleasure sharing in the most important day of your lives with you… I hope you enjoy just a little sneak of some favorites from the day!

Kisha and her team at Pure Ambiance Events did another spectacular job!

I just love this…

Event Planners:  Pure Ambiance Events

Venue:  The Old Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, NJ

Makeup:  217 Beauty, LLC