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Month: November 2012

Tiffany & Chris :: A Riviera Maya Wedding

Tiffany & Chris :: A Riviera Maya Wedding

I couldn’t wait to share this wedding on the blog today!!  This was such a special wedding for me… if you keep up with the blog, you’ve seen Tiffany & Chris’ Engagement photos from a few months ago.  I met Tiffany about two years ago when I first moved to Atlanta.  After watching her and Chris’ relationship grow over the past two years, it was such an honor to capture their special day.

All of Tiffany & Chris’ closest friends met in Riviera Maya to witness these two love birds seal their vows to one another.  The day could not have been more perfect and I can almost guarantee there was not a dry eye there when Tiffany walked down the aisle to meet her husband.  It’s one of the few weddings I have actually cried behind my camera at.  That’s not an easy task! haha  Below you’ll find a few photos from that moment that nearly took Chris’ breath away… and all of ours.  Tiffany, you are stunning… absolutely stunning.  There is not another word that would do it justice.

I am beyond thrilled to share these photos from Tiffany & Chris’ wedding day, and wish them all of Gods blessings throughout their future…  we love you!

Excited Groom!

Chris’ three cards to Tiffany… yes three, with each one having it’s own meaning… he’s a keeper 🙂

Love these sweet moments that Chris can’t see throughout the day…

Ahhh, the light!

Pretty ladies!

These take my breath away… I was squealing behind my camera after I took all of these of Tiffany… amazing Mexico light!

And here they are… Chris’ first reaction as he got his first glimpse of Tiffany, and his second after she walked down the Pier… love love love.

Ok, seriously… could you two be ANY cuter!?

One of my favorites!

Another favorite… the lighting was so perfect, I love so many of these photos!

I had to post this… I thought it was so different, yet elegant!

Favorite!  Love you two!


Best First Dance of the year for me!  They did SO well!!

Singing to one another… love.

We headed back to the Pier to light lanterns at the end of the evening with a wish or prayer for Tiffany & Chris… a little dark, but so sweet!