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Month: November 2013

Emily & Seth :: Engaged & In Love

Emily & Seth :: Engaged & In Love

Emily lived in Los Angeles when she met Seth for the first time… they’d known of each other through mutual friends, but the distance never brought them together.  It wasn’t until fall of 2011 when Seth and Emily finally connected… through Facebook that is.  They spent some time over the phone getting to know each other before Emily made a trip out to the east coast to visit one of her best friends… they thought what better idea then to visit Atlanta.  And looking back, there wasn’t a better idea.  Emily & Seth met that evening in Atlanta and they completely hit it off.  They spent the next several months traveling back and forth from LA to Atlanta.. almost twice a month!

Emily had always known her next step was Law School… and just as fate does, it stepped in.  She was accepted to Emory Law (go girl!) and took the plunge, packed up, and counted it as a sign… Atlanta bound.  Since Emily’s move to Atlanta, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her and really seeing how truly in love these two are.  I mean really, just look at the photos below!  It’s written all over their faces!  And I absolutely love it!  We spent the afternoon at Serenbe, and I fell in love with the property.  Not to mention how gorgeous it is in the fall!

Emily and Seth, it was so much fun documenting just a small part of your love story… and to think the photos could get any cuter than these… I cannot wait for your wedding day in the spring!!

Oh hello Serenbe… you take my breath away!


I love this shot of your Emily… so perfectly natural.. stunning.

What did I tell you?  Cutest ever.

And then I nearly died… ya’ll my love for horses… you don’t even know.  Love this shot! 

Ahh the light!

And then it was time for some fun in the little town of Serenbe… sweets included!

I love this shot… thank you to the man who let us use his front steps!

And then came the Wildflower Meadow… and though it wasn’t in bloom, we still made good use of the spot!

And then another horse… and this one is the first I’ve ever met with blue eyes! 

One of my favorites!