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Cailen & Derrick :: Engaged & In Love

Cailen & Derrick :: Engaged & In Love

I spent such a beautiful morning with Cailen & Derrick for their engagement shoot.  Sometimes, the first time I meet with a couple to shoot their engagement, many times I’m met with “I’m not good at this!”….”Just tell me how to pose!”.   You can tell they’re a bit nervous and rightfully so… they don’t know what to expect!  What I love the most, is that after a few shots… it’s like perfection…  I tell my brides, once you relax and can be in the moment… it will show on camera!  I absolutely love sunrise engagements and these two rocked it out.  Midway through the shoot, I had to stop and say… you two don’t even realize how great you are in front of the camera!  And of course, I was loving every minute of it!

Cailen and Derrick… I am SO excited to be a part of your day in September 2014!  Here’s some of my favorites from our shoot… enjoy!


I mean honestly… how cute are they?!

Love this one!

Favorite !

Elizabeth & Alex :: Engaged & In Love

Elizabeth & Alex :: Engaged & In Love

Sunrise Engagement?  Why not!  It was a the most crystal clear morning… the calm after a big storm in New Jersey and one of the first crisp mornings.  The light was absolutely stunning… I was so excited the whole ride up Ringwood mountain with how perfect the morning was… and boy, did the lighting not disappoint!

Elizabeth reached out to me a few months back ecstatic about her engagement and looking to see what my availability was for September of 2013… the one single date at the time that I didn’t have available… was of course, their wedding date!  I was so bummed after spending the morning with Elizabeth and Alex… they are an awesome couple and I had such a great time with them throughout the shoot!  They are both such naturals in front of the camera, so it made my job that morning so easy!  I’m so thrilled I was at least able to capture some engagement photos for these two and cannot wait to see all the photos from their big day a year from now!

Enjoy some of my favorites…

Julie & Bobby :: Engaged & In Love

Julie & Bobby :: Engaged & In Love

Almost two years ago, while attending my best friends wedding… Julie and Bobby crossed paths.  It was a night of lots of love and dancing, and little did we know… only a short while later, they’d be engaged! Julie, you looked absolutely stunning throughout our entire shoot and Bobby… well, Bobby needs zero direction when it comes to posing… so he made my job super easy that afternoon!  After going through all the photos, there were tons that I just loved… so these are just a few of my favorites below…

I am so thrilled for Julie and Bobby and cannot wait to shoot their wedding in September 2013!  If only it was closer!

Julie… you are breathtaking… I love this one!


Love the light, love how simply happy they look in this photo… love love love.

One of my all time favorites!

Another favorite…

Tiffany & Chris :: Engaged & In Love

Tiffany & Chris :: Engaged & In Love

This is a special post today for me…  Tiffany and Chris are such dear friends of mine that I was almost nervous to shoot their engagement last weekend.  I get in my “photog mode” and most of my close friends here in Atlanta haven’t seen that side of me yet!

When Tiffany reached out to me to shoot her wedding, I was so excited… you see, being completely open and honest here blog friends… since I moved to Atlanta, the business down here let’s just say hasn’t quite picked up yet.  I still spend a lot of my time shooting in New Jersey, so it’s so refreshing to invest some time here in Atlanta with clients!

There is something special about Tiffany… perhaps it’s her Miami U flair, her radiant smile, or her devotion to Christ that made Chris fall for her.  Chris is one of the nicest guys I’ve met with a greatest heart.  His love and devotion for Tiffany is evident in the way he listens her to every word.  It’s the cutest thing to witness first hand.

Tiffany looked so happy and content throughout our engagement shoot that I couldn’t dream of more for such a wonderful friend.  I truly feel in shooting their engagement and seeing them together in that setting, I’ve realized even more how perfect Tiffany and Chris are for one another… their relationship is founded on God, and God alone and I couldn’t be more excited to share their wedding day with them!


How cute are these two?!  I couldn’t decide which I liked more…

The lighting at Piedmont Park could not have been more perfect… I love how this shot just illuminates Tiffany!

I thought I’d end the post with a fun one!